15 Healthy Home-Inspired Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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Father’s Day can be an occasion to give your favorite guy the gift of well-being.


Are you still searching for a Father’s Day gift for the man – or men – in your life? Why not offer a gift that supports his well-being? (He probably has more than enough ties, am I right?) Here are 15 ideas inspired by the five facets of wellness design.

Health & Fitness Facet Gifts

Air fryers can cook favorite foods with less fat.


Health and fitness facet-inspired gifts can help him eat or work better. Other ideas, not detailed here, can help him sleep more soundly or exercise at home.

1. Does your giftee want to ditch his dad bod by eating more healthfully this summer? A countertop air fryer can help him enjoy his favorite foods, but with less fat.

2. Another great gift for healthy cooking is a multi-cooker with steam and slow cooker settings.

3. Another way for Dad to get healthier this summer is to improve his work from home space. An ergonomic desk chair will relieve some of the aches and pains that come from sitting improperly.

Safety & Security Facet Gifts

An air purifier with HEPA filtration can make Dad’s home safer during smoke and pollution events.


Gifts inspired by the second facet of wellness design can protect him and his loved ones from illness and injury.

4. Smoke from wildfires reminds us of the importance of indoor air quality. Protect Dad with an air purifier featuring HEPA filtration, no ozone, and sized to meet the space where he spends the most time.

5. Fathers with teens and children will appreciate the safety provided by a gun safe with a biometric lock, so only he can access his firearm.

6. For dads who love to cook, a portable induction burner will speed his dishes to the table and be speedier to clean up too. While providing chef-level control, they’ll also protect against indoor pollution and most kitchen fires and burns.

Accessibility Facet Gifts

A shower bench gives Dad a place to sit while showering, or rest his shampoo and soap.


Gifts inspired by the accessibility facet can make daily chores and hobbies easier, more convenient and even safer for everyone, but especially recipients who might have vision, balance or reach issues.

7. Dads who cook will also appreciate drawer dividers and pull-out organizers to make accessing his tools faster and easier.

8. Another great accessibility gift for the man in your life is task lighting where he needs it most – whether in his hobby space, home office or kitchen work center. This can prevent eye strain, errors and injuries.

9. Benches can be great gifts for accessibility. Get a waterproof version for his shower, entryway or garden. These can allow him to sit, set down packages or enjoy his hobby seated, rather than bending over.

Functionality Facet Gifts

Hands-free faucets can make meal prep and cleanup easier — and reduce germ spread at home.

Kohler Co.

Functionality is also about making a home more user-friendly, but can add resilience and durability too. Here are some gifts you can give dad to achieve these benefits at home:

10. A non-gas fueled generator can power his essentials during a power outage. There are backup power units for refrigerators, air conditioning units, TVs and computers that don’t create toxic gas fumes.

11. Automated window coverings can be programmed to block out sun during the hottest part of the day, protecting Dad’s art, rugs and furniture and lowering his utility bill. It can also make it appear that he’s home when he’s visiting you or another loved one.

12. Replacing dad’s sink is probably too big of a job, but you can give him accessories that turn the one he has into a pro-style chef sink and make meal prep and cleanup easier. These can include colander, drying rack, pull-out or hands-free faucet, soap dispenser and/or dishwasher-safe cutting board.

Comfort & Joy Facet Gifts

Anti-fatigue mats make great gifts for those who love to spend long hours cooking or enjoying … [+] hobbies

GelPro Comfort Floor Mats // Wellness by Design (Simon & Schuster, (c) 2020)

Comfort and joy are favorite wellness design facets for most people. They’re also often the easiest to choose and give, as they encompass so many areas of life. Here are a few ideas for this year.

13. Video picture frames can rotate Dad’s favorite photos from vacations, hobbies, sporting events, friendships, family gatherings and other cherished memories.

14. Give your father or husband something you or your kids have personally crafted for him. Having beautiful mementos that enhance a home’s décor while evoking a loved one can add comfort and joy to his space.

15. Enhance Dad’s hobby space with an anti-fatigue mat. It will make standing for hours more comfortable (and healthier for his back, legs, hips and feet).

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