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20 Traveling Jobs That Let You See the World

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You’re dreaming of seeing the world. But realistically, you need a consistent income while you’re doing it. So you’re dipping your toes into the idea of working while traveling.

Maybe you read an article about the perks of being a digital nomad. Now, you can’t shake the idea that you might be able to live your dream life: traveling while building your career.

It’s possible! Regardless of your current career stage, technology and forward-thinking organizations make it possible to grow your career in exotic places … or your grandparents’ house in Maine.

It’s up to you where you work. You get to set the boundaries, both geographically and professionally.

If that sounds too good to be true, take a moment and explore some of the traveling jobs that let you see the world.

What Are Traveling Jobs?

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Before submitting resumes, it’s essential to understand some of the variety you’ll find in jobs that travel.

An essential question to start thinking about: Do you wish for a home base with sporadic travel, or flexible freedom to travel around the globe?

Alternatively, you could look for a role that determines your destinations for you.

Take a moment to understand the various travel requirements a role might have so you can find the perfect fit for your career goals.

Jobs That Require Travel

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Choosing a job where the company dictates your travel offers a sense of structure.

While the destinations might not always be your first choice, jobs that pay you to travel will keep you on the move, gaining diverse experiences.

Think flight attendant, cruise ship team member, or national account representative. You’ll go where the business needs you to go.

Jobs Without Travel Requirements

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Prefer to chart your own course? Jobs without travel requirements allow you to work from your chosen destination.

These roles enable you to immerse yourself in different locales at your pace while still delivering on your work commitments. You’ll find a wide variety of roles that only require internet connectivity.

For the most flexibility, look for work-from-anywhere jobs.

Short-Term Travel Jobs

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Embrace the thrill of new experiences and travel without a long-term commitment.

As a consultant or seasonal worker, you might find yourself jetting off to client sites, engaging in intensive projects, and then wrapping up and moving to the next exciting opportunity. You might have a home office you maintain or freelance and choose your destinations.

As you can see, there are several different ways that you can structure your dream job while supporting your wanderlust.

Jobs without travel requirements that support a distributed team are often the best choice if you’re uncertain of your long-term plans.

Travel-Related Career Benefits

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Travel, regardless of duration, can boost your career. Getting out of your normal environment and culture helps develop soft skills, like communication, creative thinking, and resilience.

Not to mention the tangible benefits of engaging with another culture and possibly learning a new language.

20 Jobs That Involve Traveling

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Armed with a better understanding of how flexible jobs support traveling, it’s time to narrow down your career options. You might discover that your career development aligns well with a role in your current field.

Otherwise, you may need to spend some time designing a career change and translating your skills to fit a traveling career.

Use the following list to start brainstorming to find the best traveling job for you.

1. Animal & Wildlife Jobs

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Immerse yourself in the heartwarming world of animal and wildlife roles. From administrative roles supporting pet food suppliers to marketing for wildlife agencies, your compassion and commitment shine brightly.

Explore jobs centered on care, conservation, or education, ensuring the well-being of our furry, feathered, or finned friends.

2. Business Development Jobs

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Leadership is pivotal to business success, from devising growth strategies to spearheading dynamic teams.

Lean in to your marketing knowledge or business experience to support brand initiatives.

Whether you work full or part-time, freelance or consult, consider exciting roles encompassing leadership, finance, and more.

3. Computer & IT Jobs

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Navigate intricate systems to ensure web security, compliance, and efficiency.

From computer repair to website maintenance, your technical prowess is essential. Explore roles such as information security and tech support specialist.

4. Consulting Jobs

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Guide, mentor, and reshape business dynamics and personal journeys. Using tools like job shadowing and surveys, your expertise pinpoints challenges and crafts solutions.

Dive into roles ranging from a business solutions analyst to a transition consultant, fueling growth and efficiency.

5. Education & Training Jobs

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Guide and inspire as you shape the minds and futures of your students. From formal teaching roles to one-on-one tutoring, your role in education and training is pivotal.

Examine positions ranging from online English teacher to curriculum director.

6. Entertainment & Media Jobs

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Step into the spotlight where every scene awaits your talent. Express yourself by supporting a variety of creative roles.

Positions range from content strategy manager to video games producer.

7. Environmental & Green Jobs

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Champion eco-friendly initiatives and lead the green revolution!

From researching sustainable energy to developing earth-friendly products, explore roles ranging from creative lead to climate strategy associate.

8. Event Planning Jobs

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From corporate galas to intimate weddings, your creative vision brings events to life. Check into roles encompassing every detail, from vendor coordination to the final flourish.

Titles such as event manager or planning manager are waiting for you.

9. Food & Beverage Jobs

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Serve up smiles and savor every interaction in the vibrant food and beverage world. From dishing out culinary masterpieces as a chef to crafting narratives as a food writer, your passion meets purpose.

10. Government & Politics Jobs

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Venture into government roles, where you’ll sift through data, research, and policy dynamics.

From statistical analysis to program budgeting, your expertise can shape governments and policies at every level. Explore positions like federal grant specialist or director of regulatory affairs.

11. Legal Jobs

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Investigate legal professions where meticulousness meets justice for people, animals, and nature. From attorney to paralegal, your legal expertise is invaluable.

Your qualifications, whether a paralegal certificate or law (JD) degree, pave the way in industries from criminal justice to consulting.

12. Marketing Jobs

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Promote, pitch, and propel brands to the spotlight. In the diverse realm of marketing, your knack for connecting clients to products is paramount.

Look into positions ranging from community manager to email marketing specialist.

13. Medical & Health Jobs

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Champion healthier lives, and support medical solutions. The market for medical and health professionals is always a solid career choice, from coding medical records to conducting research.

Explore travel-friendly positions such as health care transcriptionist, medical coder, or research scientist.

14. Mortgage & Real Estate Jobs

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Navigate the intricate landscapes of property deals. From appraising homes to managing mortgages, your expertise ensures seamless transactions.

Browse remote leasing agent, asset manager, or mortgage broker positions.

15. News & Journalism Jobs

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Dive into the fast-paced world of reporting, where you’ll amplify voices and shape narratives. From researching events to interviewing key figures, your investigative spirit is vital.

Specifically, look into jobs such as writing, reporting, and editing.

16. Nonprofit & Philanthropy Jobs

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Champion meaningful causes and drive impactful change.

As a nonprofit professional, your dedication supports communities, promotes eco-responsible living, and bridges gaps during unforeseen challenges.

Roles span from program coordinator to fundraiser to client advocate.

17. Project Management Jobs

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Steer pivotal projects to success from conception to implementation.

As a project manager, your role is crucial in shaping budgets, setting schedules, and coordinating collaborations with internal and external stakeholders. Pursue titles such as business analyst or enterprise architect.

18. Sales Jobs

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Grow connections and drive success across a wide variety of industries. Leverage your interpersonal savvy and determination to help customers find solutions to pressing issues.

Dive into roles like marketing manager, lead generation, and account executive.

19. Sports & Fitness Jobs

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Empower individuals to embrace an active, healthy lifestyle behind the scenes or more direct customer support fields.

From health clubs to workplaces, your guidance in sports and fitness is pivotal. Explore roles like health coaching or nutrition jobs.

20. Travel & Hospitality Jobs

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Ensure travelers enjoy comfort and entertainment on their schedule. If wanderlust stirs your soul and aiding others sparks joy, roles like a remote travel agent or corporate travel manager might call to you.

Leverage your bilingual skills for more significant job opportunities.

How To Land Traveling Jobs (Even With No Experience)

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Are your creative gears turning? Sometimes, the sheer amount of options can be overwhelming.

Here’s how you start to narrow down your list of potential traveling jobs to an actionable size.

1. Target Companies and Careers That Offer Traveling Jobs

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Reverse-engineer your job search by starting with companies, rather than job titles. Spend a bit of time exploring companies frequently posting travel-friendly positions in your target industry.

Make a short list of target companies and launch your networking efforts.

As you explore postings, note the roles that frequently align with your travel goals.

If your skills don’t match perfectly, begin your career pivot by gaining skills or translating the skills you have to be more relevant to your target role.

2. Use Keywords Associated With Traveling Jobs

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Narrow down your results on your favorite flexible job board with filters and keywords. Use this list to find travel jobs that meet your needs:

  • Consultant
  • Digital nomad
  • Distributed team
  • Flexible location
  • Freelance
  • Location-independent
  • Mobile office
  • On-site training
  • Work from anywhere

Be mindful that these terms can mean different things to different companies. These should be a starting point for your company research.

As you dig through your target companies’ websites, press releases, and social media, watch for clues about the culture and location requirements.

3. Use Social Media and Your Network

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Speaking of social media, take into account the power of your network. Even if you’re looking for a job on the other side of the globe, consider the support of those closest to you. You never know whose brother-in-law’s cousin’s best friend works for a company that perfectly matches your goals.

Feel free to share your goals on your social networks. Be specific but not too jargon-heavy. Keep in mind that the majority of the people in your social network may not be familiar with account-based marketing or copywriting.

Use generic terms to ensure their eyes don’t gloss over and that you come to mind when the right opportunity pops up.

On the other hand, you can embrace industry jargon on your LinkedIn profile if the keywords are relevant and connect you with hiring managers looking for someone with your skill set. Before you start, however, review best networking practices.

And rather than reaching out only to ask for something, aim to build a genuine relationship first. Comment on posts and join industry groups.

That said, you can break that rule with recruiters who post a job. Reach out, introduce yourself, and share that you applied after you’ve submitted your resume. That might be the key to getting eyes on your resume faster.

4. Show Enthusiasm for Traveling in Your Job Search

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There’s something about job searching that can make us feel like we have to be awkward and formal. Instead, bring your personality into your job search and infuse your love of travel into your communications and documents.

Use travel keywords in your cover letter and resume where they’re appropriate.

Focus on any remote work experience you have to reassure hiring managers that you’ve gracefully handled some of the challenges that come from working outside of traditional office space.

In your interests section, mention your love of travel. On your LinkedIn profile, incorporate your professional wanderlust into your story.

Ideally, the hiring manager will see that you’re a professional who is building a career that blends your passions and your expertise.

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