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4 Ways iPhones Will Change This Fall

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Apple this week held its annual developer conference, at which it revealed its latest hardware and iOS 17, the next version of its iPhone software releasing around September.

The software, which will work on iPhone Xs and later models, comes with a host of new features and improvements to existing ones.

Following is a look at some of the most noteworthy changes coming to iPhones this fall.

Live voicemail transcription

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Beginning with iOS 17, users will be able to send an incoming call to voicemail, and watch as the message is transcribed. This way, you get context for the reason behind the call without committing to a conversation — but have the ability to answer the phone any time while they’re still on the line recording a voicemail.

Suspected spam calls will not be transcribed; they’re simply hung up on automatically.

Standby mode

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Another new feature will allow you to make better use of your phone while it’s charging. By turning it on its side while plugged in, your display can become anything from a photo slideshow to a bedside clock to a customized widget dashboard.

One new widget example highlighted was an on-screen button able to dim or turn lights on and off in your home.

Proximity sharing

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Two users with iOS 17 can activate a number of convenient new features by holding their phones close together:

  • NameDrop: Instantly share a personalized calling card with a chosen phone number, email address and photo.
  • AirDrop: While this feature previously existed, it will now be easier to “share with intention” freshly taken group photos and the like, Apple says.
  • SharePlay: Sync up to watch the same video, listen to the same song, or play games together.

Improved location sharing

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Apple is making it easier to automatically share with friends when you make it home safely, or to include a map of your location inside of a text conversation instead of outside the messaging app.

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