5 Small Apartment Storage Ideas

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Those who live in small apartments where space is at a premium know how important it is to make use of any available storage.

Getting creative in how you use your space and creating innovative storage options to incorporate into your apartment go a long way in ensuring you have room for all your belongings.

Consider these helpful ideas when looking to maximize the space you have and increase your apartment’s storage capacity.

1. Stash It Below

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It’s incredible how much space exists below furniture! Don’t discount the storage options that allow you to store items under beds, sofas, cabinets and tables.

Not only is it handy to have this extra storage at your disposal, but you can also avoid things looking cluttered since storing items under furniture keeps them tucked away and hidden from view.

You can choose from store-bought solid storage containers that slide beneath furniture, with wheels or without, or create your own for spaces that require more custom sizes.

Vacuum storage bags for things like clothing and bedding are a great option that take up very little space and can be stacked to store even more items in one area.

2. Place It Up High

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For some excellent storage space, don’t forget to look up!

Using spaces above furniture, doors and cabinets is a fantastic way to maximize storage opportunities in your apartment. Often, these spaces are ignored because they seem somewhat out-of-the-way, but it’s nothing a sturdy step stool or small ladder can’t fix.

These spaces are great for items you use less frequently but need to keep around for occasional use.

Your best option for storage up high is containers or boxes with lids to keep items from catching dust. There are a wide variety of containers and boxes available in every color and style, so you’re sure to find something that works great with your space and decor.

Adding labels can help you figure out what’s in each container at a glance.

3. Choose a Two-for-One

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Multipurpose furniture is essential for small apartments, and you might be surprised just how many pieces of furniture can be used in multiple ways.

For example, you can purchase furniture already designed to function as both storage and furniture, or you can get creative and use furniture in ways it wasn’t intended to be used.

Look for things like sofas with built-in storage under the cushions and bedframes that allow you to lift the mattress to access storage space.

Also, try using a small shelving unit as a bedside table instead of a traditional one and a dresser with drawers as a TV stand to give you more storage space.

4. Cleverly Conceal

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While closets with doors are ideal places to stash as much as you can out of view, some small apartments don’t come with this option.

If you don’t have closets or have closets with no doors, a simple and easy solution is to use curtains hung on tension rods or even standalone room dividers to add more storage space without making things look too messy. There are plenty of color and style options to suit any decor.

5. Get Vertical

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If you’re allowed to hang things on the walls in your apartment, taking advantage of vertical wall and door space can take your storage options to the next level.

Hooks and shelves offer many configuration options to fit any space, and you don’t have to confine yourself to just what’s hangable at eye level.

Over-the-door hangers for things like clothing, shoes and any other items you can think of are excellent for providing storage that doesn’t necessarily have to be seen.

You can also consider using the ceiling for storage options, although it’s best to check with your building’s owner beforehand.

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