5 teams with best defensive rating ahead of 2024 NBA playoffs ft. Minnesota Timberwolves & more

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The NBA playoffs are approaching, and defense will play an important part in each team’s quest to win playoff games. This season, five teams have stood out among the rest, solely based on their defense. Unsurprisingly, these teams are some of the best teams this season.

In the playoffs, defense is important as that end could turn games around for any team. In the history of the playoffs, the defense has defined how a team performs. The atmosphere in the postseason is also far different as it tends to be more physical, giving defenses a chance to shine.

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The five teams listed below have been the best defensive teams. Here are the teams that could be a defensive nightmare as the NBA playoffs near.

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#5, Orlando Magic, 111.4

Orlando MagicBoston Celtics have the second-best defense in the league. They’re also second in blocks per game as a team, with 6.6. Their All-Stars are also willing to play defense, which makes hunting for a mismatch difficult.

The backcourt of Derrick White and Jrue Holiday has been a problem for opponents. They are both intelligent defenders who are knowledgeable enough when not to commit a foul or error.

#1, Minnesota Timberwolves, 107.8

Rudy Gobert and Anthony EdwardsMinnesota Timberwolves are the league’s best defensive team. Their efforts on the defensive end have made them a threat as the NBA playoffs near.


It helps that they have Rudy Gobert, a three-time Defensive Player of the Year winner, anchoring the interior. He’s even helped Karl-Anthony Towns improve his defense, as he’s second in the team in defensive win shares with 3.7. Anthony Edwards is also a pest on that end, as he registers 1.3 steals a game.

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