AI-powered community engagement rewards: Chappyz joins Cointelegraph Accelerator

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Chappyz, a plug-and-play Web3 protocol, becomes the latest participant of the Cointelegraph Accelerator program.

With over 5.35 billion internet users, it’s no wonder that social media has become the biggest phenomenon of the last decade. Each user navigates an average of 6.7 social media platforms, resulting a stiff competition between networks.

In this crowded and competitive landscape, the battle for attention is won through user engagement, which determines the platforms’ success, reach and profitability. Platforms that draw users’ interest through active participation secure a larger share of these minutes and foster a sense of community and belonging that is crucial for long-term success.

Community engagement in Web3

Traditional engagement metrics face new challenges in Web3, where platforms struggle to maintain active communities. The hardships cause platforms to resort to bot users that artificially inflate engagement metrics, threatening their communities’ authenticity and health. Such challenges underscore the need for an organic solution.

Designed to bolster community engagement and growth, Chappyz is a plug-and-play protocol that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze member behavior on social networks, rewarding the most valuable contributors with tokens in real time. The platform functions as a community marketplace that enables users to filter discussions by interest, facilitating relevant interactions on the most popular social chat networks, including Discord and Telegram.

Users can sort communities by topic and sentiment, allowing them to find groups that reflect their beliefs. Ensuring that vibrant groups get the spotlight they deserve, engagement metrics provide insights into community activity levels.

Chappyz already established partnerships with over 50 communities. Source: Chappyz

Chappyz already established partnerships with over 50 communities. Source: Chappyz

Chappyz introduces a Chat and Earn feature that rewards members in a user-friendly interface for quality participation and task completion. Users can track their contributions with Leaderboards, which distribute extra rewards and badges to top participants.

Token rewards for meaningful interactions

The nonfungible token (NFT) integration offers token rewards and unique benefits to holders, including access to airdrops, participation in reward campaigns and a share in the ecosystem’s revenue.

The platform offers campaign management tools and advanced analytics for community managers and brands. These tools provide insights into community dynamics, user behavior and the effectiveness of engagement strategies. Chappyz’s comprehensive approach enables projects to tailor their engagement and growth initiatives, fostering trackable community development.

The analytics screen of Chappyz. Source: Chappyz

The analytics screen of Chappyz. Source: Chappyz

Chappyz already has over 50 community partnerships and over 1,100 daily active users. Its token, listed on various tier-2 exchanges, offers holders rewards and access to premium features and analytics.

The team envisions a future where digital nations thrive without borders and reward participant activity. Aimed to be integral in all digital community spaces, Chappyz also plans to empower mainstream brands to build and reward communities through loyalty systems.

By prioritizing interactions that genuinely add value and facilitate real connections, Web3 platforms can replicate and surpass the engagement dynamics of their Web2 predecessors, creating a sustainable digital ecosystem in which users enjoy spending time.

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