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Alberto Del Rio sends emotional message mourning The Iron Sheik [VIDEO]

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Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, The Iron Sheik, tragically passed away on June 7, 2023. The wrestling world mourned his demise, with many current and former WWE Superstars paying tribute to the late star. Among the mourners was Alberto Del Rio.

The Iron Sheik was one of the biggest Middle Eastern stars in the company. He was also the only Iranian to hold a top championship in WWE.

After retiring from the ring, he stayed active on social media and continued to mock several current and former stars. He remained entertaining and played his heel role years after his final match. The Iron Sheik died at home in Fayetteville, Georgia, on June 7, 2023, at age 81.

Alberto Del Rio was also profoundly moved by his passing. The former WWE Champion took to Twitter to talk about the late superstar’s role in his career.

“I just heard about the passing of one of my idols. One of my friends, my dear amigo, The Iron Sheik. For me, one of the biggest heel in the history of our industry. Rest in Peace, my dear friend. Thank you for always having kind words for me, and for your advices and all your help,” Del Rio said.

He added that the legend gave him advice on understanding and working with American fans.

“You were always there to give me advice. To help me understand the American style, and the way the fans and the people perceive the beautiful pro wrestling business in America.” [0.01 – 0.59]

You can watch the full video below:

Del Rio proved to be a great heel during his time in WWE as he took advice from the Hall of Famer to become a big name in the industry.

The Iron Sheik’s death moved many WWE stars

The Hall of Famer was one of the most well-known heels in the company. Backstage, he was a popular character as many stars from his time have spoken up following his death.

Sgt. Slaughter shared a heartfelt message following the legend’s death. The two men had a few memorable encounters in the ring and always entertained fans.

“God bless him. He’s finally gonna see his daughter that he lost. Love you Sheik. Love you forever,” Sgt. Slaughter said.

Sgt. Slaughter is one of the many WWE legends who have sent messages to The Iron Sheik’s family since he departed from this world.

Do you have a favorite match involving the late Hall of Famer? Share your picks in the comments section below.

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