All Stats in Final Fantasy 16: What do they signify and how to increase them?

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In Final Fantasy 16, the stats are important in progressing through the story. The game is not entirely about fun-filled adventure and exploration. It has a steep learning curve, and you must give particular importance to your character’s stats as they dictate how you perform in battles and how fast you enjoy proceedings in the main story.

Through most of Final Fantasy 16, your entire focus will be on one character, Clive, the Prince of Rosaria. Hence, it is important to build your character well, as his stats and vitals will play a direct role in his performance on the battlefield.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about stats and what they signify in Final Fantasy 16.


Final Fantasy 16 has a redesigned combat mechanism, and it feels much more lively than the previous releases. The bosses get increasingly difficult as you progress through the story, and the following stats will greatly govern your performance in combat:

  • Hit Points: Referred to as HP in the game, this denotes the total health of your character, and it gets reduced if enemies attack you. There is no fall damage in the game, and no other element has the potential to hurt your character.
  • Attack: The effectiveness of this statistic depends greatly on the gear you equip your character with and its Strength attribute. A higher Attack stat will allow your character to do more damage to enemies on the battlefield.
  • Defense: Like the Attack stat, this too depends on the quality of gear that your character is equipped with. A higher Defense stat will make your character more resistant to enemy attacks. This means that you will take less damage when an enemy attacks you.
  • Stagger: Your character’s Physical attributes and the quality of the gear directly affect the Stagger statistic. A higher Stagger stat will help your character be more intimidating in combat.
  • STR: This is the Strength attribute of your character, and as stated above, it determines the Attack stat.
  • WIL: This is the Physical attribute and determines the Stagger stat on your character.
  • VIT: This is the Vitality attribute of your character, and it determines the Defense stat.

How to increase your stats in Final Fantasy 16?


The gear you put on your character will help enhance their stats in the game. For example, equipping your character with Genji Gloves will increase damage by 5%. Besides this, you can increase your stats by leveling up your character. Completing quests and killing enemies will help you earn experience points, which, in turn, will level up your character.

That covers everything you need to know about stats in Final Fantasy 16. If we missed something, mention it in the comments below.

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