Avalanche Foundation allocates $50M investment to on-chain asset token purchases

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Called “Avalanche Vista,” the initiative will consider investing in any asset that can be tokenized.

Avalanche Foundation allocates $50M investment to on-chain asset token purchases

The Avalanche Foundation announced the launch of “Avalanche Vista,” a $50 million initiative to spur tokenization on the Avalanche blockchain, on July 25.

Today, the Avalanche Foundation introduces Avalanche Vista, a $50M initiative to pioneer tokenization on #Avalanche

Tokenization is poised to be one of the most impactful blockchain innovations of the next decade, and Avalanche is uniquely equipped to power these systems. pic.twitter.com/ZWy109CMCi

— Avalanche (@avax) July 25, 2023

Avalanche Vista comes amid a groundswell trend towards tokenization throughout the blockchain community. Essentially, tokenization allows anyone to convert an off-chain asset into a digital, on-chain token.

One of the most popular early use cases for tokenization is in the real estate sector. Investment property purchases are typically the domain of large investors or investment corporations. When real estate is considered valuable, it’s usually difficult for small investors to approach the market.

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Tokenization not only facilitates digital asset transactions such as buying and selling properties, but it also facilitates the democratization of asset allocation. Unlike traditional asset markets, buying and selling digital tokens allows multiple investors to pool funds in the purchasing of a single asset. This makes it possible for smaller investors to enter a market that otherwise might be prohibitively expensive.

Aside from real estate and collectibles, the Avalanche Foundation envisions a wide array of use cases for tokenization on its blockchain. Per a blog post, these include company equity, venture capital, debt instruments, intellectual property, and portfolio diversification.

According to the announcement, the Avalanche Vista fund will be used to purchase various tokenized assets on the Avalanche Blockchain:

“Avalanche Vista will consider assets across the full liquidity spectrum, including equity, credit, real estate, commodities, as well as those that are blockchain-native.”

As Cointelegraph recently reported, financial services and investment bank corporation Citi recently described the tokenization market as the next “killer use case” in crypto.

The company also predicts the sector will reach a global market cap of $4-$5 trillion by 2030. In comparison, the tokenization market was reportedly worth approximately $2.3 billion in 2021.

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