BGIS 2023 The Grind Round 2 Day 4 Group 4: Overall scoreboard, qualified teams, and more

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August 6 saw Group 4 of the BGIS The Grind Round 2 compete in their six matches. Midwave Esports emerged as the top performer with 81 points. Team VST showcased an amazing performance in the first two matches and took a second position in the overall standings with 77 points. Skulltz Esports found their pace in the last three matches and grabbed the third spot with 73 points.

Punk-led Velocity Gaming acquired the sixth position with 62 points after displaying their masterclass. GodLike Esports struggled in their first four games but eventually made a brilliant comeback in their last two battles. The Shadow-led star lineup ranked seventh with 53 points, followed by Norules Xtreme.

fortnite-promotional-bannerTeam GodLike once again failed to do well in this match, managing only five points.

Group 4 scoreboard of The Grind Round 2 (Image via BGMI)Velocity Gaming gained only four points. GodLike faced another setback and was eliminated by INS with no points.

Match 5 – Miramar

Midwave put on a dominating performance in the fifth game and achieved a massive 19-kill Chicken Dinner. Team GodLike managed to accumulate 17 important points. Team INS and Velocity Gaming garnered 16 and 14 points, respectively.

Match 6 – Erangel

Skulltz won their second Chicken Dinner with 30 points in their last game of The Grind Round 2. It was also a lucrative match for GodLike Esports as they earned 23 points. Redemption Crew and Norules stole 15 and 12 points, respectively.

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