Black Desert Mobile new character class announcement: Release date and features

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The developers at Pearl Abyss have announced a new character class for its fantasy MMORPG, Black Desert Mobile. This was revealed via a GM note on the title’s official website. Black Desert boasts a massive roster of over 30 character classes, including Awakened and Ascended versions. In the major content update of June, players had the opportunity to play as Guardian Class.

With this newest addition, players can overwhelm monsters using the Wizard’s magical prowess. He can use magic to create devastating weapons unmatched by other regular Wizards. That said, this article details this Wizard class’ release date and features.

fortnite-promotional-bannerthis MMORPG title. Unlike other Wizards, he can magnify his powers to make potent weapons.

He has achieved new heights in wizardry by constantly learning new knowledge and mastering new skills. Below is a detailed explanation of his features in this fantasy RPG title.

What are the features of Wizard in Black Desert Mobile?

Wizard will be a ranged attacker in Black Desert Mobile (Image via Pearl Abyss)this action title, players can use it to sneak attack enemies or survive a devastating blow. This can be used skill up to four times with enough MP and utilizing his Mana Echo.

Elemental Flow: Wizard’s passive skill, Elemental Flow, gathers Mana essential for using Mana Echo and other wizardry abilities. Using his standard skills allows him to stack Elemental Flow up to five times. This stacked energy enhances the power of his recently used skills and defensive ability and replenishes MP.

That concludes our article on Black Desert’s new character class. You can redeem some Black Desert Mobile codes to get valuable resources for free.

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