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5 Products You Should Never Buy Generic

Store brand ice cream? Good for saving money. Often good for reducing calories. But if you’re in pursuit of the best flavor, don’t veer from premium brands, whether big ones like Häagen-Dazs,...

The 25 Cheapest Places to Live in America

Cost-of-living grade for this city: A- Estimated population: 103,000 as of 2022 If you’re a fan of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team, you certainly have heard of South Bend. The...

7 of the Best Ways to Lower Your 2025 Taxes Today

If you are among the millions of Americans who are self-employed, make sure you understand what expenses can be deducted. By tracking your deductible expenses throughout the year, you can lower your...

7 of the Best Foods for Avoiding High Blood Pressure

Researchers in Spain studied the effects of walnuts on blood pressure over a two-year period. Their findings showed “walnut consumption reduces systolic BP in elderly subjects, particularly in those with mild hypertension,”...

Why the ‘Right’ Retirement Age Doesn’t Actually Exist

In the midst of the Great Depression, the passage of the Social Security Act established a national retirement age of 65 as the standard, guaranteeing that older workers could retire and receive crucial...

10 States Where People Struggle Most With Credit Card Debt

Average credit card balance as of November 2023: $5,796 Average annual household income as of 2022: $79,175 Monthly credit card payment (5% of monthly household income): $330 Months to pay off credit...

5 Essential Steps to Take to Protect Yourself After a Data Breach

There isn’t much more you can do beyond following the five steps listed above to help secure your information and keep an eye on your data. You may be able to reach...

How I Found Freedom and Work in Portugal

Am I envious of friends back home who have high-earning jobs and can afford to stay in five-star hotels whenever they go on holiday? Sometimes, yes. But when I look up from...

Why Portugal Is Great for Seniors

We love how the elders organize and pass down the traditions with the support of their children, grandchildren, and civic employees. The University of the Third Age (Associação Rede de Universidades da...

6 Traits of People Who Are Much Happier After Retiring

The share of retirees who are much happier in retirement who do this: 76% (versus 58% of those who are not happier in retirement) It’s a pretty safe bet that during your...