Thursday, June 20, 2024



Here’s the Cost of Retiring in the 10 Most Expensive States

The average cost of living for retiree households in this state, based on consumer spending, is: $56,757 per year — which reflects an increase of 8.1% since 2021 $4,730 per month...

Even Paying With Cash Can Now Cost Extra

The next time you try to pay for something with cash, don’t be surprised if it costs you a little extra. In some places, folks who want to pay with physical dollars and...

8 Reasons Why Single-Family Homes for Rent Are Ideal for Families

Many single-family rentals are managed directly by the owner. As a result, it’s often easier to build a more personal relationship with your landlord, which can have many benefits. Owner-managers are: ...

6 Things You May Not Realize a Clothes Dryer Can Do

Sports, camping and hiking can mean your athletic shoes end up a muddy mess. Once you’ve washed them, you may want to use the dryer to get them back in wearing rotation....

How to Watch the Stanley Cup Finals for Free

Yes, the 2024 Stanley Cup Finals will stream live on ESPN+. The streaming service carries the championship series every even year through 2028. Get smarter with your money! Want the best...

Almost Everyone Makes This Mistake After Brushing Their Teeth

Dentists have a tip for keeping your teeth in better shape — but you might not like the sound of it. Deciding not to rinse after brushing might provide extra protection to your...

Can Various Philosophies Improve Your Retirement Plans?

Time is not just a measure on the clock; it’s a multifaceted concept that underpins every aspect of financial planning and life itself. The exploration of time through various philosophical and cultural...

12 Ways to Create Spa Treatments at Home

Here some ways you can make the home spa feeling last long. Splurge on a soft, thick towel. Pick up some pretty containers from the dollar store to hold all the...

4 Phone Calls That Can Lower Your Bills

If you’ve been a responsible borrower who makes payments on time and has an account in good standing, it never hurts to call your creditors and ask for a lower interest rate....

4 Bills You Shouldn’t Put on Autopay

Meal prep services like Hello Fresh and Blue Apron deliver ingredients to make meals right to your doorstep. But what happens if you go out of town and forget to skip a...