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Inflation Fears Explain A Seeming Housing Market Mystery

Home buyers still active. (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)Getty Images Housing has become increasingly expensive. According to the National Association of Realtors, mortgage rates on average have risen by more than a full percentage...

Italian Influence Has Miami Real Estate Embracing La Dolce Vita

Italian design sensibilities, evidenced in the entryway to VILLA Miami, have enraptured ... style-conscious Miamians.Bunyan Studios Miami has long been known as Latin America’s unofficial northern capital. As much as Latin culture reigns...

6 Steps To Build An A-Level Team

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Sportsmanship Matters (Photo by Getty Images/Bob Riha, Jr.)Getty Images In the world of commercial real estate, the level of success for everyone involved often hinges on the strengths of the...

Exploring San Miguel De Allende’s El Centro: Where The Streets Are Lined With History

San Miguel de Allende is often thought of as a historical town, but the city is creating its own ... modern culture.getty For many cities and towns across the globe, modernity is a...

8 Holiday Gifts For The Home To Surprise Everyone On Your List This Year

Lovely christmas tree with beautifuly packed presents and boxes under itgetty Another holiday season, another gift. It’s hard to keep things interesting. Even gifts for the home can get a little repetitive. Your...

Quick And Easy Holiday Decorating Tips For People Who Hate To Decorate

Holiday decorating can be quick and easy this year.getty “Tis the season to be jolly,” and while many people are excited about the holiday season, not everyone is feeling so cheerful. According to Thumbtack,...

Best Housewarming Gifts: Cookware For Those With Burnt Pots And Pans

Routinely burning pots and pans can take a toll on them.getty Who among us hasn’t inadvertently burned a pot or pan – or two? However, some people routinely burn cookware to the point...

“Workspitality” One Pandemic-Era Legacy Likely To Last

Creature comforts associated with luxury hotels are among the amenities designers like Pininfarina ... of America are incorporating into workplaces to make the return to offices more appealing.Pininfarina of America Question: What could...

Market Comparison: What A $4 Million Property Looks Like Across The U.S.

At 11,000-square-foot, this Connecticut mansion estate showcases an example of the exceptional size ... offered at $4 million.Higgins Group Private Brokerage In an exploration of median home prices for Q3 in the...

5 Things To Watch For In Manhattan Real Estate Heading Into 2024

From interest rates and economic indicators to global events and local work patterns, the market's ... trajectory is shaped by many elements. While challenges persist, we are watching the resilience and dynamism of...