CFB analyst picks AFC team as an ideal landing spot for Oregon QB Bo Nix: “He will be really good”

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Bo Nix is regarded as one of the top quarterbacks in the upcoming draft following two successful seasons at Oregon.

He ended the 2023 college football season as a Heisman Trophy finalist, leading the Dan Lanning Ducks team to the Pac-12 championship game.

Ahead of the draft, where he’s projected as a first-round pick, NFL analyst Greg Cosell has a brilliant landing spot for the quarterback.

Cosell believes Bo Nix would be a perfect fit for the Denver Broncos, as his attributes playing for Oregon fit into Sean Payton’s offense.

“There was decisiveness and efficiency to his game as an executor and above distributor. He looked good running that offense, and he’s got movement ability.

“I’m not saying Sean Payton is going to like him, I don’t know that. But when I watch Nix, I thought to myself ‘I think he will be really good in the Sean Payton offense.’”

Bo Nix’s career resurgence in college football

Bo Nix started his college football career at Auburn in 2019. He was named the Tigers starting quarterback as a freshman and went on to lead the offense for three seasons.

Nonetheless, he was unable to fulfill his potential in the team’s backfield, which resulted in a transfer.

Things swiftly changed for Nix after he arrived at Oregon. He rose to become one of the best in his position with the Ducks.

This is what Greg Cosell finds interesting about the player.

“Bo Nix is one of the most fascinating guys I’ve watched and I’ll tell you why. In his three years at Auburn, he looked like he didn’t even belong as a college starter, much less a guy we’re talking about in the draft.”

“And then he gets to Oregon and people of course will say it’s a system, but you know what, everybody is a system quarterback. It depends on what system you deploy to maximize the strength and minimize the limitations of your quarterback.”

The Denver Broncos hold the 12th pick in the upcoming draft, placing them in a perfect position to select Bo Nix. However, it remains unknown whether the franchise and its coach is interested in having the former Oregon quarterback on its offense next season.

Nix ended his two-year tenure at Oregon with 8,101 passing yards and 74 touchdowns. He also rushed for 774 yards and 20 touchdowns for the Ducks.

Whether with the Broncos or somewhere else, he’s expected to go in the first round in April.

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