Diego Leuco breaks silence on claims that Antonela Roccuzzo is jealous of Lionel Messi’s relationship with journalist Sofi Martinez 

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Diego Leuco, journalist Sofi Martinez’s partner, has dismissed suggestions that Lionel Messi’s wife Antonela Roccuzzo is jealous of the player’s relationship with the journalist. He claimed that there was nothing in the story and it was just a misunderstanding.

A report earlier this month suggested that Antonela has asked Messi not to give interviews to Martinez anymore. However, Leuco has dismissed the claims and revealed that there was no such issue.

He did hint at a misunderstanding but added it was quickly sorted out. He told Argentine news outlet Paparazzi:

“That is already evil and a bad mood that everyone is saying anything all the time. But now, you don’t have to give a ball to that. She already explained the other thing that it was a misunderstanding.”

Sofi gave a monologue on Messi during the FIFA World Cup and it left the Argentine star in tears.

Sofi Martinez writes long letter to Lionel Messi after interview

Sofi Martinez penned an emotional letter to Lionel Messi earlier in June after conducting an interview with the Argentine star. She thanked him for the opportunity.

She added that the former Barcelona attacker was thankful to his fans for sticking by him during the bad times. He wanted them to know that the support was not going unrecognized and he was well aware and grateful for it. Sofi wrote:

“In the interview, I discovered someone who is calm and who, especially at this stage of his life, goes further. He values the charisma of a colleague, he is deeply grateful to the generation that supported him in bad times, and he does not want any more refuges but rather to have a good time and enjoy having won everything.”

She added:

“In these interviews with world champions, I heard his teammates say that they gave 300% for him, and months ago I realized that the whole country (or the world) was happier because it was Messi who lifted the cup. I don’t understand financial fair play, or everything that happened in recent weeks, but men in suits don’t participate in this: the love of his family, his colleagues and the world is the most powerful thing there is.”

Sofi continued about Lionel Messi:

“Thank you Leo for giving me the opportunity to chat for a while, to ask you questions, and to save that moment, that talk, and those laughs for the rest of my life. I hope one day I will meet you again, but if not, I am one of the thousands or millions whose lives you’ve changed.”

Lionel Messi is currently on vacation in the Bahamas and will be heading straight to Miami in a few days to start pre-season training with Inter Miami.

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