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EA FC 24 85+ Upgrade SBC – How to complete, expected cost, and more

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With the Centurions promo going strong in EA FC 24, EA Sports has released the 85+ Upgrade SBC for those who want a reputable challenge to grind. The new series of cards has added a number of highly-rated players to the game, and Ultimate Team gamers looking to snag some should open as many packs as they can to maximize their chances of getting one of the special cards for cheap.

Utility challenges that are cheap and repeatable are obviously highly lucrative, considering how many good cards they can yield. With EA FC 24 more than a month old at this point, most regular gamers should have enough fodder to grind challenges such as the 85+ Upgrade SBC.

fortnite-promotional-bannerother repeatable and dedicated challenges currently live in Ultimate Team, many might gloss over the 85+ Upgrade SBC.


If repeated a couple of times within the two days that it is slated to be live in EA FC 24, the Squad Building Challenge has the potential to yield some good cards without much effort.

Here are the paltry requirements one needs to take care of to complete the challenge once:

  • # of players in the squad: Exactly 11
  • Total average squad rating: Minimum of 83

Estimated fodder cost: 20,000 to 25,000 Coins across all platforms

Is the 85+ Upgrade SBC worth grinding in EA FC 24?


As mentioned before, cheap, repeatable Squad Building Challenges are always welcomed by Ultimate Team aficionados, especially those looking for a profitable way to get rid of excess fodder in their squads. EA FC 24 gamers will find that the 85+ Upgrade SBC fits the bill.

The challenge has a minimal list of requirements that are quite simple to adhere to. Those looking to grind it only need an 11-man squad of players with an average rating of 83. As the name of the SBC implies, in exchange, the players will get a rare gold card, which is guaranteed to have an overall rating of 85 or higher.

With no chemistry restrictions in place and no rare or In-Form card required to complete the 85+ Upgrade SBC, the estimated cost of fodder is around 22,000 coins. As the Squad Building Challenge will be live for two more days, gamers can take some time to see if the cost decreases further. Those looking to exchange their lower-rated fodder should definitely consider grinding the SBC.

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