Elliotte Friedman gives worrying update on draft prospect Matvei Michkov, hints he won’t meet interested teams

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In the lead-up to the NHL Draft, the enigmatic Russian prodigy Matvei Michkov has cast a mysterious shadow over his future. R

Recent reports from Sportsnet network journalist Elliotte Friedman have revealed that several NHL teams are struggling to secure a meeting with the highly sought-after player, leaving them uncertain about their chances of getting to know him before the draft.

According to Friedman’s insights on the “32 Thoughts” podcast, teams have encountered difficulty in scheduling meetings with Michkov, even those that have traveled to Russia with the sole intention of meeting him in person.

“You try to schedule a date with him, and he’s just not interested,” Friedman shared.

The journalist further disclosed that the only way teams were able to communicate with the Russian phenom was by approaching him directly after his games, allowing for only brief conversations.

With this air of mystery surrounding Matvei Michkov’s accessibility, NHL teams have begun to wonder if the young talent is intentionally trying to influence his future destination. Friedman raised the question of whether Michkov possesses a preference for specific teams and whether he might be discreetly maneuvering behind the scenes to ensure he ends up where he desires.

Co-host Jeff Marek ventured a prediction, suggesting that the Washington Capitals, who hold the eighth overall pick, could be an ideal fit for Michkov if he is indeed attempting to exert control over the drafting process. The Capitals’ strong ties with Russian players, exemplified by their legendary star Alexander Ovechkin, could potentially attract Michkov, who may envision joining forces with Ovechkin in pursuit of Wayne Gretzky’s goalscoring record.

As the NHL draft approaches on June 28 and 29 in Nashville, the uncertainties surrounding Matvei Michkov’s intentions continue to captivate hockey enthusiasts and fuel speculation about his ultimate destination. With teams vying for the opportunity to secure this elusive talent, all eyes will be on the unfolding drama of Michkov’s draft journey, which will undoubtedly shape the future of both the player and the lucky franchise that manages to secure his services.

Blues Eye Elite Russian Prospect Matvei Michkov as First-Round Draft Target

The St. Louis Blues are reportedly exploring the possibility of trading up in the 2023 NHL Draft to secure an elite-level prospect like Matvei Michkov. With picks 10, 25, and 29 in the first round, Blues general manager Doug Armstrong has the assets to assemble an enticing package for a higher selection. Should they manage to make the jump to the fourth overall pick, Michkov would be an irresistible choice.

At just 18 years old, Matvei Michkov is viewed as one of the top prospects in this forward-heavy draft class. Drawing comparisons to Alex Ovechkin, he possesses exceptional offensive skills and a high hockey IQ. Despite lacking elite speed, Michkov compensates with his creativity, stickhandling, and ability to navigate the offensive zone with finesse.

Michkov includes a lethal shot that he can unleash from various angles, as demonstrated by his proficiency with wrist shots, backhands, and even the audacious lacrosse-style “Michigan” goal. Michkov’s ability to confound opponents and consistently find the back of the net sets him apart as a potential franchise-altering player.

As the Blues evaluate their options leading up to the draft, securing Matvei Michkov would undoubtedly provide them with a game-changing talent who could shape their future for years to come.

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