Fan-favorite WWE Superstar has “lost his shine,” believes Vince Russo (Exclusive)

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Despite initially being very popular with the fans, a WWE Superstar has lost momentum, according to former writer Vince Russo.

At one point, fan support behind him led to him even facing Roman Reigns in a singles match at Crown Jewel 2023. Since then, he has remained in the top card of matches, consistently going up against other top superstars. In this year’s Men’s Elimination Chamber match, he was robbed of his chance to win, by an interfering AJ Styles, who took advantage of the no-disqualification rule to dish out a savage beating. The WWE Superstar in question is LA Knight.

Despite the clear setup for a feud, Vince Russo is not very invested in seeing a singles match between Styles and Knight at WrestleMania XL. Speaking on Sportskeeda’s Writing With Russo, he stated that he was open to seeing the WWE United States Championship be defended in a ladder match, which would involve both AJ Styles and LA Knight.

“That might not be bad. I like that too bro, I like that too. There’s a lot of bodies you could put in there. A ladder match, a lot of action. I kinda like that too.” [7:03 onwards]

He further added:

“I feel as you are sitting here talking about him, I feel like he (LA Knight) has lost his shine. And Logan Paul, bro Logan Paul is money man. Logan Paul is money. You gotta write that bro, that’s money.” [7:37 onwards]

You can watch the video here:


Vince Russo recently made a prediction about WWE

According to Vince Russo, this year’s WrestleMania XL will be the last time fans will see a post-event press conference.

Speaking on an episode of Sportskeeda’s Wrestling Outlaws, the veteran predicted:

“I believe though, I do believe this bro. I think those post-press conferences, I think they’re gonna go away after WrestleMania. I am predicting the last one’s gonna be WrestleMania.” [From 14:00 onwards]


It remains to be seen if Vince Russo’s prediction will come true in the coming weeks.

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