Here Are The Richest Cities In Mississippi Per The Latest Census Data

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Jackson, Mississippi, cityscape at dusk. The city of Madison is just north of Jackson and ranked as … [+] the No. 1 richest city in Mississippi in our study.


Mississippi, unfortunately, is perennially ranked as one of, if not the, poorest state in the United States. As of the latest data — the Census Bureau’s 2021 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates — the median household income in the state of Mississippi was $49,111 — the lowest of any U.S. state. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t wealthy places in Mississippi. In a series of studies, we analyzed and identified the 50 richest cities in Texas as well as the richest cities in Ohio. Now, we’re going to delve into the data and discover the richest cities in Mississippi.

Read on to find out what the richest city in Mississippi is, as well as the top 50 wealthiest cities in the state.

What Is the Richest City in Mississippi?

Harnessing data sourced from the Census Bureau, we put together a four-factor scoring system to help identify the wealthiest cities in Mississippi:

  1. Median household income
  2. Mean (average) household income
  3. Median home value
  4. Median property taxes paid

All four of these metrics were scored, added up, and then ranked by the cities’ combined scores.

Below you’ll find a table detailing the top 50 richest cities in Mississippi and their respective dollar figures for each metric:

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