How to get the Summoner class in Remnant 2

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Remnant 2 is gearing up to be one of the best co-op experiences this year, with players getting quite creative with some of the class and archetype combinations. Gunfire Games’ latest title has access to a lot of powerful classes, out of which, the Summoner is considered one of the most unique ones. However, players seem to be having a fair bit of confusion as to how they can unlock it in the game, along with some of the unique traits and skills that come with it.

The Summoner is one of the best sought-after classes in the game, and this article will go over the details of how to unlock it in the game.

fortnite-promotional-bannerin Remnant 2, simply follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Purchase the Faded Grimoire which you will be able to fo from the Bloodmoon Altar in Yaesha. It will cost you 15 Bloodmoon Essence.
  • Then, make your way to Wallace in Ward 13, where you will be given the Tome of the Bringer in exchange.
  • Equip it in order to use the class in the game.

The Bloodmoon Altar will spawn in the game every now and then, hence you will have a good bit of time to unlock the Summoner in Remnant 2 as you go about completing the narrative.

Why should you play as the Summoner in Remnant 2?

What makes the Summoner one of the most sought-after classes in the game is the amazing class perks and traits that it comes with. Here are all the Summoner abilities that you should be looking out for:


  • Costs 15% of max HP; max of two Root Hollow minions.


  • Costs 10% of max HP; max of two Root Flyer minions.


  • Costs 35% of max HP; max of one Root Reaver minion.


  • +17.5% skill and mod damage when a minion is active; sacrifice gives +15% damage for 30 seconds or until another minion is summoned.


  • Minions that die/expire leave an aura that heals 2.5% max HP per second; lasts 30 seconds.


  • Sacrifice grants +3% lifesteal for each minion that’s sacrificed; lasts 10 seconds.


  • Using a relic grants minions +5% max HP per second and +15% damage; lasts 30 seconds.


The Summoner is one of the best Support classes in Remnant 2. While it can help your teammates survive longer when up against some of the most difficult challenges in the game, the class can also deal great damage with the minions they summon.

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