How to reset your Skill Points in Rise of the Ronin

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Skill Points in Rise of the Ronin are used to progressively unlock a series of abilities for your custom character, making them stronger in the process. These points can be used on various in-game stats across four key pillars – Strength, Dexterity, Charm, and Intellect. As investing in these Skill Trees is quite the endeavor, readers should plan their builds accordingly beforehand.

That said, if you do make any unwanted changes along the way, developer Team Ninja has thankfully allowed for a way to completely reset your Skill Points in Rise of the Ronin – allowing for respeccing at will. Read on to learn more about the same in this PlayStation 5 exclusive.

fortnite-promotional-banneropen world of Rise of the Ronin. Simply walk up to a Black Marketeer and proceed with the steps below to purchase the item:

  • Interact with the merchant using the X button.
  • This will bring up a menu. Head down to “Buy Sundries”.
  • Select the Brush Kit and press X to confirm the purchase.
  • Each Brush Kit can be bought against 10 special currency (indicated by an icon representing iron slabs).

As always, make sure not to overspend and ration your Skill Points accordingly.

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