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“I don’t respect your opinion” – Kevin Durant outright disregards Charles Barkley’s ‘not a leader’ dig at Suns’ superstar forward

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Phoenix Suns star Kevin Durant responds to Charles Barkley’s comments about his leadership. During the All-Star game, the former NBA star shared some harsh criticism about Durant and his ability to lead a team. The star forward didn’t appreciate the comments that Barkley made and gave his thoughts on it earlier in their team practice.

KD is coming off an All-Star break where he participated in the 73rd All-Star game, which took place in Indianapolis, Indiana. He suited up for the Western Conference All-Stars for his 14th All-Star appearance. Although their team didn’t win, Durant got a chance to relax with some of the league’s stars and enjoy the show.

During an alternate broadcast, however, Barkley talked about how Durant lacked leadership. He went as far as calling him a “follower.” It’s known that Chuck has been critical of the 2013-14 MVP and his ability to lead. This isn’t the first time that the two have shared their opinion on each other.

As usual, Durant didn’t let it pass and gave his thoughts on what Barkley had to say.

“I just feel like a lot of people that’s on TV that don’t ever come to the gym, don’t ever comes to games, it’s hard for him to speak on what I do when they not in here,” Durant said.

“It’s just part of TV. They needed something to fill a segment up. So they talk about some negative s**t, but if you’re not in the gym, I don’t respect your opinion if you’re not in the gym with me.”

Durant has the chance to prove Barkley wrong this season. The Suns are a contending team and they feature three All-Stars who are all in their prime years. If he leads Phoenix to a title win, then maybe his critics won’t bother him anymore.

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What did Charles Barkley say about Kevin Durant?

Since becoming an analyst for TNT, Barkley had the platform to share his thoughts on different aspects of the league. That includes giving his thoughts on what players have done and how they’ve done it. One of his favorite subjects has been Kevin Durant, who couldn’t escape the criticism even during the All-Star break.

“No disrespect to Kevin. Kevin’s a follower. He’s not a leader. He’s proven that on all his stops,” Barkley said.

There have been several verbal back-and-forths between the two NBA figures. Durant isn’t one to back down, while Barkley isn’t one to stop with his comments. Sometimes he tries to make it humourous, and it works on a few stars. But not the two-time Finals MVP.

The only way he can get Barkley off his back is if he wins a third title.

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