“I never wanted to ride the program down”: Nick Saban explains the reason for his sudden exit from Alabama

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Nick Saban’s retirement came as a shock to many in the college football world. While there’s been speculation about it for many years, it came at a time when it was least anticipated. Since he announced the decision in January, a couple of reasons have been said to be responsible.

In a recent interview with Fox News following his roundtable discussion at Capitol Hill, Nick Saban explained why he left Alabama at this very time. The coach had the future of the Crimson Tide at heart while deciding to exit Tuscaloosa after 17 years.

“I enjoyed coaching for so many years. Again, age — this is a young man’s game in a lot of ways,” Saban said. “I never wanted to ride the program down, and I didn’t want my age to be a detriment to the University of Alabama, to the football program and the chances of it being successful.”

“It was inevitable that I had to retire sometime. I love the players. I’ll miss the relationships that I had with the players. I hate how this impacted some of the players and the people in our organization,” he added.

Nick Saban’s goal following his retirement

Since retirement, Nick Saban expressed his thoughts about the drastic changes NIL has brought upon the college football landscape He had a roundtable discussion about Capitol Hill, stressing the need for a change.

One of the post-retirement goals of the seven-time national championship winner is to help ensure things are done right in the world of college sports.

“I’m interested in trying to help college athletes and college athletics be successful in the future, help people be more successful in life because of the college experience that they have, and improve their quality of life in a way that not only benefits them,” Saban said.

“But also allows us to keep creating opportunities for multiple sports that are non-revenue sports,” Saban added. “I think that’s important that we continue to create those kinds of opportunities. The reason I’m visiting with you tonight is I’m very much committed to that.”

The NIL has brought about massive changes in the world of college football. It has enabled student-athletes to benefit financially from their popularity and talent. However, Nick Saban believes the concept has to be well-regulated to avoid a potential disaster.

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