“I’m hoping I can come back”: Jon Rahm opens up about his decision to switch allegiance to LIV Golf

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Jon Rahm left for LIV Golf about three months ago, and while it’s been a positive experience overall, he has admitted some struggles he’s internally had. On the course, he’s been fine. He hasn’t won yet, but he’s performed well. It’s the internal side of the decision that has been toughest on him, and while he doesn’t regret it, he’d like to be able to return and play again one day.

Rahm opened up on the transition from the PGA Tour via Golf.com:

“I’m not going to lie; for everybody who said [leaving for LIV] would be easy, some things have been, but not being able to defend some titles that mean a lot to me hasn’t.”

He particularly enjoys playing at Palm Springs. He has been able to win twice there. Rahm said Riviera is “about as charismatic of a golf course as we have.” It was one he quite enjoyed as a player, but he can’t play it anymore.

Rahm said he made his decision and that he is comfortable with it, but with one key caveat:

“I’m hoping I can come back, and hopefully I can actually defend [Masters] week, as well. That would be a dream come true. Not many back-to-back champions, and that would be very unique to be able to put my name to that list.”

Rahm has, since defecting, said many times that he envisions a unified golf tour and that he wants all the world’s best players to be able to play against one another again. The merger’s role in the future is still unclear.

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