“It’s been hard for sure”- Paper Rex’s Monyet on playing without an IGL at VCT Masters Madrid (Exclusive)

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VCT Masters Madrid is headed towards the final days of the first stage. The eight teams from the four franchised leagues are delivering some of the most intense matches in Valorant history. One of these matches was between Pacific’s Paper Rex and EMEA’s Team Heretics.

Both teams are filled with exceptional individual players who are not afraid of fighting duels. They were able to win on their own map picks, but it was eventually Paper Rex, who were without an IGL, that took the lead in the decider map, Split, and won the Bo3 (Best-of-three) series by 2-1 in VCT Masters Madrid.

In the post-match conference, Sportskeeda Esports’ Sneh Jadhav got the chance to talk to Paper Rex’s Monyet, during which he said:

fortnite-promotional-bannerPacific Kickoff, they showed that they are a team that was still worthy of their previous reputation and did not fear any type of innovation.

So far, Paper Rex have continued that same level of form in VCT Masters Madrid 2024. Being the newest player on the team, Monyet had a lot of eyes on him coming into this event. While the team has seen more ups than downs, he has been able to keep up with the fierce pace of Paper Rex.

One unique thing about the Paper Rex squad is how they play without an IGL (In-game Leader). While this may seem a bit scary, PRX has been able to continue with this approach. Sportskeeda Esports talked to Paper Rex’s Monyet to ask him about how it has been for him to adjust to this particular thing, especially during crucial matches. Here’s what he said:

“It’s been hard for sure because, like, I am really not used to it. From having one IGL to now we have like five IGLs, but the team has been really taking care of me so much. And I am happy with it.”

Paper Rex were able to get a narrow win against Team Heretics, which has pushed them forward in the lower bracket of VCT Masters Madrid. Their next opponent will be EMEA’s Karmine Corp, where they will battle each other for the Playoffs spot.

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