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Joe Biden receives jersey, golden hockey stick as Golden Knights celebrate Stanley Cup win at White House: IN PHOTOS

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In a display of sportsmanship and celebration, U.S. President Joe Biden honored Stanley Cup champions, the Las Vegas Golden Knights, in a ceremony at the White House on Monday. The team bestowed President Biden with a custom jersey and a golden hockey stick, symbolizing the win and deep respect for the president.

The jersey displayed Biden’s name and the number 46 representing his presidency, serving as a tribute from the NHL champions. The golden hockey stick, a piece of memorabilia, is a testament to the Golden Knights’ success and an acknowledgment of the president’s unwavering support for the sport.

As President Biden accepted the hockey stick, he playfully said:

“I’ll tell you what: This thing weighs about 800 pounds.”

His comment evoked laughter from those present, emphasizing the light-hearted nature of the ceremony.

The visit of the Golden Knights to the White House continues a standing tradition where championship-winning teams meet the U.S. president.

It presented a moment for the players and coaches to receive acknowledgment for their efforts and commitment that resulted in their championship triumph. For President Biden, it offered an occasion to engage with a team that has deeply resonated with Americans and to celebrate their victory as a symbol of excellence and perseverance.

Las Vegas Golden Knights’ road to Stanley Cup victory

Las Vegas had a solid start to the 2022-23 season, leading in the Pacific Division and maintaining a strong record throughout November. Even though the team faced a bit of a slump mid-season, it made a comeback after the All-Star break.

The Golden Knights’ impressive performance was bolstered by acquisitions like Ivan Barbashev, Teddy Blueger and Jonathan Quick. A notable achievement was when they made history by having four different goaltenders lead them to victories. Las Vegas eventually secured the Pacific Division title and the Western Conference’s top seed.

In the playoffs, the Knights overcame an initial loss to the Winnipeg Jets, winning the series in five games. Then they defeated the Edmonton Oilers and Dallas Stars, securing their Western Conference championship.

In the Stanley Cup Finals against the Florida Panthers, Las Vegas emerged victorious in five games, including a 9-3 win in Game 5. This historic triumph marked the team’s first Stanley Cup championship and brought Las Vegas its first major sports league title.

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