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Love, Spirituality, and Abundance: How Master Sri Akarshana is Making a Name for Himself on Social Media

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Making a name for himself with his messages of love, spirituality, and abundance, Master Sri Akarshana recommends a five-step process specifically for people hoping to attract love into their lives. 

People seem to be more attracted to authenticity, optimism, desirable experiences, and positive emotions than ever before. With heightened intuition, they weed out the false from the real, and the message is clear, “There is no time like the present!” This might explain why Master Sri Akarshana emerged as a thought-leader and world-changer. His followers continue to multiply, and he is making a name for himself with his messages of love, spirituality, and abundance.  

Leaders of all shapes, sizes, nationalities, races, and religions have spoken, even preached, on these topics for as long as there has been language to verbalize the words “love, spirituality, and abundance.” So what is so different about what Master Sri Akarshana has to say on these subjects –  different enough to attract millions of followers? Take a look at a five-step process Master Sri Akarshana recommends specifically for people hoping to attract love into their lives:

No. 1 – Think.  

“Thoughts are energy; energy is a vibration, and vibration attracts like vibrations. If we can think about a person whom we love or the type of person we want to love, perhaps a future soulmate, it’s more likely we will attract it. Take care to focus on what you want, not on the lack of the object of your desire.”

No. 2 – Script.

“If you write about the specifics of what you desire, it makes you feel the vibration of what you want. Describe everything about your beloved: personality, interests, hobbies, occupation, and physical attributes. Do this as often as you want, enjoying the process, scripting your desire into existence.The best time to do this is early in the morning or before bed at night. Stay focused on what you want, not on the outcome.”

No. 3 – Speak.

“Affirmations and incantations are a powerful way to call in your soulmates. The vibration of the speech moves through your body and connects to the universe. By speaking how you feel when you are with the love of your life, acting as if it is happening now, feeling it, expressing your love in words, you are speaking it into existence. It is highly likely that vibration will amplify greatly and speed up the attraction process.”

No. 4 – Visualize.

“Envision the person or someone similar. Through your third eye, visualize the love energy of your future partner coming toward you. See them holding you, squeezing you, the two of you in a heart-to-heart connection. Visualize how you are feeling, and give it some context.”

No. 5 – Action.

“The law of attraction always involves action because you are trying to manifest in physical form. One of the most powerful processes that I teach when it comes to attraction, which can be used to attract not just love, but anything, is by giving the thing you desire. When you do, you are engaging in the sowing and reaping philosophy. You reap what you sow. If you desire love, give love. Give as much love as possible.The universe will give back to you very quickly.”

Is it any wonder people can not seem to get enough of Master Sri Akarshana? He encourages his followers to dwell on good things and pay forward the very things they most want for themselves: love, spirituality, abundance. It surely does seem like his mission is to make the world a better place, ensuring there is an abundance of good stuff to go around. You will find Master Sri Akarshana on many social media platforms. To soak in more of his way of thinking and believing, visit his I Am Creator website. 


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