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MLB Immaculate Grid – Find answers for daily puzzle | February 19, 2024

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Today’s MLB Immaculate Grid should be an interesting one. It ditches the classic trivia over which players played for two teams and instead brings in positional and regional prompts for you to solve.

Rest assured, we have every answer you need down below:

Which Guardians played first base?

Josh Naylor played first base for the GuardiansJose Ramirez was born outside the US and played for the Guardians. That’s also true of Andres Giminez, Francisco Lindor, Carlos Santana, Omar Vizquel and Jack Graney.

Which Royals played first base?


Hunter Dozier played first base for the Kansas City Royals. You can also use George Brett, Alex Gordon, Billy Butler, Eric Hosmer, Mike Moustakas and Whit Merrifield.

Which Royals played center field?

Lorenzo Cain was a center fielder for the Royals. He’s joined by Alex Gordon, Alcides Escobar, Whit Merrifield, Amos Otis, Willie Wilson, Lou Piniella and Jarrod Dyson.

Which Royals were born outside the US?

Salvador Perez is a Royals player who was born outside the US, as is Alcides Escobar, Carlos Beltran, Danny Tartabull, Jorge Soler, Yuniesky Betancourt and Carlos Santana.

Which Cubs played first base?

Cody Bellinger played first base for the Chicago Cubs. Anthony Rizzo, Ernie Banks, Cap Anson, Bill Buckner, Derrek Lee, Ian Happ, Kris Bryant and Jody Davis have as well.

Which Cubs played center field?


Cody Bellinger also played center field for the Cubs. He’s joined by Sammy Sosa, Cap Anson, Alfonso Soriano, Kris Bryant, Ian Happ, Hack Wilson, Bill Lange and Jason Heyward.

Which Cubs were born outside the US?

Javier Baez was born outside the US and played for the Cubs. That’s also true of Sammy Sosa, Aramis Ramirez, Javier Baez, Willson Contreras, Ivan de Jesus and Starlin Castro.

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