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Redefining digital identity: Metropolis joins Cointelegraph Accelerator

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Cointelegraph has announced that Metropolis has become the latest participant in the Cointelegraph Accelerator program. Metropolis is a 360-degree curated universe that blends commerce, properties, avatars and gaming with experiences that span both the digital and physical worlds.

While general-purpose nonfungible token (NFT) marketplaces such as OpenSea cater to a wider range of users, the NFT space is witnessing a shift toward platforms that offer a tailored experience for both newcomers and pro users, and brands who want to tap into the world of NFT have already started taking notice. Famous brands like Nike and Gucci are known for creating a $260 million side business via branded NFT sales.

Curated NFT marketplaces on the rise

DappRadar metrics show that, as the NFT trading hits $1.5 billion in volume, Blur — an NFT marketplace known for its tailored content — has the most trading volume despite accounting for 4% of NFT sales. Curated NFT marketplaces enable a focused environment for brands to generate new revenue streams through engagement with their core audience. Such platforms offer a selective content approach, focusing on quality and additional community-building tools.

Metropolis’s core platform, Metropolis X, aims to revolutionize social commerce, offering a gamified marketplace where digital collectibles unlock real-world products and experiences. It is supported by a network of over 350 top creators and brands.

Metropolis merges the digital avatar creation experience with an NFT marketplace. Source: Metropolis

Metropolis merges the digital avatar creation experience with an NFT marketplace. Source: Metropolis

Metropolis X introduces an authentic expression of identity for use across social platforms and metaverses. The platform lets customers create bespoke avatars that users can feel confident in claiming as their own. With thousands of items available, users can choose, shape and dress their avatar as they wish. Avatars update on the blockchain in real-time.

Metropolis is not the only creator providing designs for the marketplace. Hundreds of artists, creators, communities and brands have created distinct collections, so they can each promote their style or operate a revenue source.

Metropolis’ ease of use and customization options brought many household names to the platform: DJs like Steve Aoki and Blondish; graffiti artists like Enivo; fashion designers such as Rick Dick and Pet Liger; fine artists like Elise Swopes and Bryan Brinkman and finally, Web2 and Web3 companies including TimeOut, Unstoppable Domains, Lamina 1, Zen Academy, Sneakerheads and The Flare Network.

Most of the introduced items start as digital exclusives, enabling users to access more products and experiences. Every item has the potential to unlock real-world assets, as every digital piece of clothing can be reproduced in physical form.

Brands and creators can boost interaction with a diverse set of NFT drops. Source: Metropolis

Brands and creators can boost interaction with a diverse set of NFT drops. Source: Metropolis

Creators can use the platform to connect with their fans, offer exclusive content, raise money for charities or new projects and create physical versions of their items.

Storytelling in a virtual city

Metropolis World is a virtual city that transforms social profiles into digital cities, fostering authentic connections within online communities. Through immersive environments and engaging narratives, users curate collections of personal spaces that reflect their identities and interests. The platform’s lore-rich environments host quests, games and entertainment experiences.

With a team of storytellers boasting two decades of world-building expertise, Metropolis aims to add depth to every corner of its virtual realm. From the inaugural collection — The City of Celeste, where users minted unique stories and buildings — to ongoing lore drops, games and collectibles like newspaper clippings and avatars, each element contributes to the interconnected experiences that create a real Metropolis in the digital world.

Metropolis is gearing up for its token generation event in mid-2024, which promises to unite its various components into a cohesive, gamified ecosystem.

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