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Rob Moore, Also Known As The Disruptive Entrepreneur Is Devoted To Changing The Way People Think About Business And Entrepreneurship

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After making millions in property investment, Rob Moore is now sharing the wealth of knowledge he has learnt with people around the world. Determined to change the mindset of entrepreneurs, he creates content that disrupts and challenges in a no-holds-barred kind of way.

If you’re going to host two of the most successful podcasts focused on business and call yourself the Disruptive Entrepreneur, it makes sense that you have a very clear understanding of what ‘disruptive’ really means. 

Every podcast interview episode Rob Moore hosts ends with him asking his guest: “What does the word disruptive mean to you?” In true Moore style, when the question is turned on him for a change, he answers with charm and energy, and a little laugh. He can recite the definition in his sleep – he spends his days interviewing other disruptors to glean their wisdom and share it with his masses of listeners and subscribers around the world. 

“Disruptive means evolving quicker than the market. Knowing where the future changes in business and finance are going like the metaverse and NFTs. Disruption is disrupting yourself so that you stay relevant because if you don’t disrupt yourself, someone else will disrupt you. Disruption means improving products and services. It means making people’s lives easier, faster, and better. To make things cheaper. And before everyone else,” he explains. 

Investor, multiple business owner, author of 18 best-selling books, public speaking world record holder for the longest speech ever given, content creator, founder of the Rob Moore Foundation (which helps young and under-privileged people start meaningful businesses that change the world), and podcast host – these are just some of the titles you can use to describe him. He was a self-made multi-millionaire by the age of 30 and has founded multiple successful businesses. Moore hosts two podcasts – Disruptors, and Money – and has just under 300,000 people subscribing to and following his content on YouTube and Facebook combined, and more than 1,1-million across all of his social media channels. 

The content across the platforms aims to disrupt how people think about business and money, and challenge them to think differently as entrepreneurs and creators. “I want to help as many people on this planet start to grow their business and get better financial knowledge. I create content to help show anyone that they could turn their passion into their purpose, and then into profit,” he says.

Moore launched the Disruptors podcast in 2016, and nearly 800 episodes in, he has interviewed multiple billionaires and hosted some of the world’s leading business people, celebrities, and thought leaders. Each person he meets he learns from and respects. “I love meeting interesting people,” he says. “I’m always going to admire interesting people. Someone who has become really good at something is worth admiring and learning from. I’ve learned to respect and admire people for their own greatness and I’m hungry for myself and my listeners to learn from them. I try to show their greatness on my podcasts.” 


The Art of Learning and Creating

It’s his passion for learning from others and sharing what he has learnt with people that have made him as successful as he is. “Humility is being coachable. It’s knowing that you can learn something from everyone,” explains Moore. “The more you know, the more you realize you don’t know. People might think that I’m successful. I don’t perceive that about myself, because success is a destination. All that I’ve done is I’ve converted my knowledge into money. Some people have got so much knowledge but they just haven’t converted it into money. I’ve become quite good at that and that’s what I teach people. I’m good at teaching people how to take what they know and turn it into cash flow. And maybe that’s why I’ve done okay,” he says. 

In his 20s, Moore was an artist before heading into the business world. When asked if he misses being an artist, he’s quick to point out that what he does now is a form of art. “The art is about an expression of self more than the media that you express it in,” he says. “Whether it’s music, the clothes you wear, the actual art that you do, the way you design a building, or the way you disrupt a podcast, the art is about the expression, the disruption and the creation much more than the media or vocation you’re in. For me, podcasting is art, being a creator is art, writing books is art.” The work he creates is a journey of expression and creativity in the business and entrepreneurial world.

His determination to create art that adds immense value to people’s lives sets him apart. “You can’t measure yourself by your followers, your fans, or your fame and your fortune. You have to measure yourself by your value,” he says


Passion and Drive to Create Change

In 2005, Moore was in deep financial debt. Even though he knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur from an early age – he had learnt from his father who ran a successful pub in the UK – he had ended up living in the pub with his parents at age 26, with a noose of debt around his neck. 

Eventually, he realised he had to get himself out of the spiral he was in and went to a property meeting after a gallery owner suggested this may be something of interest to him. There he met Mark Homer, with whom he went on to found Progressive Property, which is now 15 years old and still going strong. He credits Homer with helping him get out of the mindset he was in. “Mark gave me three books to read: Think and Grow Rich; Rich Dad, Poor Dad; and The Richest Man in Babylon. I read them in a week. I went back to him and said I had read all of them and wanted more. Within two months, he got me a job in a property company. I learned to source and sell deals. Within the end of that year, I was rid of all my debt and making money,” he says.

This chance meeting in December 2005 led to an unlikely partnership. Progressive Property was started in Moore’s tiny dining room and went on to be massively successful with more than 1,500 properties bought, sold and managed.

“I know so many people around me who have made more money than me. But how did I get myself out of debt quickly? And how did I make six figures within a year? One was motivation and desire,” he says. “Two was removing my ego and becoming a really good student learning sales, learning, marketing and learning property, evenings, weekends. You name it, I was all over it.”

With all the knowledge and wealth he has accumulated as a result, Moore is now devoted to giving back. The amount of valuable content he creates is astounding. And his devotion to creating content, that many can access for free, is inspiring. He has no plans to stop anytime soon. “I’ve got 50 years left to try and help a billion people starting to grow their business get better financial knowledge,” he says.

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