Sammy Guevara sends out a heartfelt message amid AEW suspension

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Top AEW star Sammy Guevara has sent a heartfelt message on the heels of his suspension in the Jacksonville-based promotion.

The Spanish God was suspended earlier this month for reportedly not proceeding to an immediate finish with an injured Jeff Hardy during their No DQ match on Rampage. Guevara’s suspension caused alterations in certain creative plans, and the star has not been on AEW television since February 2024.

Guevara’s suspension has been defended and critiqued by fans and industry veterans alike. The 30-year-old star recently reached out to his fans and voiced his gratitude for their support.

Towards the end of his latest vlog, Sammy Guevara conveyed his appreciation for his supporters in a touching address, confessing that he has tried to better himself after making mistakes. He also reflected on obstacles and the formative influence they have on individuals trying to overcome them.

“To the people who support me, whether it be at the beginning or in the middle or maybe this is your first video you’ve watched of mine, I just want to say thank you. I understand that I am a person who has made mistakes, but I am also a person who has tried to be better.”

The former TNT Champion added:

“‘Roll with the punches’ is a saying that I truly understand now at 30 years old. Life will throw a lot at you. But it’s how you deal with those adversities that make you who you are. I know who I am and I know what I’m going after. See you at the top.” [H/T – Ewrestlingnews]


Konnan thinks Sammy Guevara has “bullet-proof” status with AEW President Tony Khan

Sammy Guevara is regarded as one of the pillars of AEW. Unfortunately, his in-ring credibility has often been overshadowed by controveries that the former AAA Mixed Tag Team Champion found himself involved in.

Wrestling veteran Konnan discussed Guevara’s recent suspension in AEW in light of his prior backstage problems on an episode of Keepin It 100 OFFICIAL. The former WCW World Television Champion speculated on why Tony Khan has not yet released the former Jericho Appreciation Society member despite his past misconduct.

“If the boss likes you, you’re bulletproof, until you really **** ** and he has no choice. And it’s like I’ve always said, and I will continue to say, and this is for everybody, present company included. When you like somebody, they can do no wrong, and when you don’t like somebody, they can do no right.” [02:00 – 02:19]


It remains to be seen when Sammy Guevara makes his return to AEW programming.

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