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Starfield: Weapon Quick Equip and Quick Swap guide

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Gunplay is one of the core combat elements in Starfield, and if you want to make the most of it, it’s important to learn about every single mechanic it has along with Quick Equip and Quick Swapping. Bethesda’s latest RPG is not entirely clear on how one can go about doing it, and there are many in the community who are looking for ways to achieve it.

Quick Swapping between weapons is going to help you out significantly when in a dogfight. If your primary weapon runs out of bullets in the middle of an encounter, you can always swap to the alternate and take the enemies out without giving them room to recover.

The reload animation can also leave you vulnerable and, depending on the situation, swapping to your alternate will indeed be one of the better options. Hence, this Starfield guide will go over how you will be able to Quick Equip as well as Quick Swap between your weapons in Bethesda’s latest RPG.

fortnite-promotional-bannerin Starfield you will need to:

  • Make your way to the character inventory. You can do this by pressing “I” on the keyboard or tapping the “Menu” button on the controller. Now make your way to the weapon tab, where you will see all the armaments in your inventory.
  • Select the weapon that you want to add to your wheel and press “B” on the keyboard or “A” on the controller. This will now pop up the weapon wheel, and you will be able to equip the weapon to one of the empty slots.
  • By doing so, you will have successfully added the desired weapon to the quick switchwheel.

You will not be able to swap between your weapons in the RPG if you have not equipped them onto the wheel.

How to Quick Swap between weapons in Starfield

After you have equipped the desired weapons in the designated slots in the wheel, you will now be able to Quick Swap between them.

For players on Mouse and Keyboard:

If you are enjoying Starfield with a Mouse and Keyboard on your PC, the best way to quickly swap between your weapons is by using “Q” which will bring up the weapons wheel, and then take the cursor to the weapon you want and select it.

Alternatively, you can press the number that is designated to the weapon itself on the wheel. You can even use your mouse scroll to cycle through the weapons in the wheel.

For players on controller and Xbox:

If you are on the controller then you will need to press the D-pad directional buttons to swap between your weapons. In the weapons wheel, each armament will be equipped to a D-pad input and you will need to press the one that you want to bring up.

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