Taylor Swift’s possible presence at Super Bowl to boost Las Vegas night entertainment: Report

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Whether or not Taylor Swift will be able to make it to the Super Bowl remains to be seen. She plans to, but with a show in Tokyo the night before and a 13-hour flight to Las Vegas, it’s not as easy as that. However, her plans to be there have already made an impact.

If she’s there or not, the event life in Las Vegas, which is already usually bustling, will see a lot of attention. The singer is going to be the subject of the evening for those who flew to Vegas.

Las Vegas gearing up for Taylor Swift

Steve Hill, CEO of the Las Vegas Convention Visitors Authority, said via New York Post:

“So, the spotlight she brings when — wherever she is — certainly to the NFL and now the Super Bowl in Las Vegas, just turns that spotlight up tremendously. If you look through virtually every property, in one way, shape or form, they’re tying into the Taylor Swift thing. That can be T-shirts or her favorite wine someplace that they’re serving or a menu at a restaurant with food that [is] themed after her.”

Hill had mentioned that she was the most famous person in the world right now, and whoever is second to her is far behind, so restaurants and events are pulling out all the stops for her potential trip. Swift currently has a net worth of $1.1 billion.

Hill went on to say:

“She’s got … several numbers that she’s known for. So, people are tying in to those numbers. All of those types of hooks … you can find them all over the city at this point. And people are just getting more and more creative as the weeks go on here.”

Swifties are notoriously investigative, and Travis Kelce’s girlfriend often leaves them clues with numbers and hints. The event life in Vegas has picked up on that and is trying to do the same.

Taylor Swift will be the Super Bowl themeKansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers take the stage, the city of Las Vegas will have been hit with tons of Easter eggs for Swift, perhaps the number 13 Chief among them.

The experience will be different for her diehard fans, but everyone will get a little taste of Swift during the lead up to the Super Bowl.

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