The Best Month to Sell a Home in 34 Cities Across America

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When is the best time to sell your home? On balance, home sellers across the nation who sold in June got the best prices last year, according to a study released recently by real estate website Zillow.

However, in some places, other months were a better time to list a property.

The following list summarizes the best time to sell a home in 34 cities across America during 2023. Although things could turn out differently in 2024, the list might give you some insight into the best time to list your own home this year.


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Here are the four cities where selling in the second half of April paid off last year, and how much extra money sellers typically pocketed by selling then:

  • Cincinnati: $7,500
  • Houston: $6,200
  • Portland, Oregon: $14,300
  • San Diego: $29,600


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During May, it made sense to sell in the first half of the month in two cities:

  • Los Angeles: $39,300
  • Riverside, California: $15,600

In the second half of the month, sellers reaped an extra bounty if they sold in these cities:

  • Austin, Texas: $12,600
  • Boston: $23,600
  • Charlotte, North Carolina: $11,000
  • Denver: $16,900
  • Kansas City, Missouri: $7,300
  • Minneapolis: $13,400


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The first half of June marked the time to sell in nearly a dozen cities last year:

  • Chicago: $8,800
  • Dallas: $9,200
  • Las Vegas: $14,600
  • Miami: $12,900
  • Orlando, Florida: $8,700
  • Phoenix: $14,700
  • Sacramento, California: $17,900
  • St. Louis: $7,000
  • San Antonio: $5,400
  • San Jose, California: $88,400
  • Seattle: $31,500

The second half of June made more sense in these cities:

  • Atlanta: $8,700
  • Columbus, Ohio: $10,400
  • Pittsburgh: $4,700
  • Tampa, Florida: $8,000
  • Washington, D.C.: $12,700


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Finally, the first half of July was the best time to sell last year in these cities:

  • New York: $15,500
  • Philadelphia: $8,200
  • Detroit: $7,900
  • Baltimore: $8,200
  • Indianapolis: $8,100
  • Cleveland: $7,400

If you plan to sell a home soon, make sure you understand the “8 Reasons It’s Dangerous To Overprice Your Home When Selling.”

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