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The Curse: Release date, cast, plot, and everything to know about the new comedy series

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Created and written by Nathan Fielder and Benny Safdie, The Curse is an upcoming comedy series releasing on Friday, November 10, 2023. The series will be available to watch on Showtime and Paramount+, the streaming and on-demand services to license the title, with the subscribers having the benefit of watching the latest episodes two days before it airs on linear TV in the US on the Showtime channel.

The Curse screened the first three episodes at the 2023 New York Festival as a part of the Spotlight lineup alongside Hayao Miyazaki’s The Boy and the Heron, Harmony Korine’s AGGRO DR1FT, and others. It has also been announced that the rest of the episodes, from 4 to 10 will be showcased at Film at Lincoln Center throughout the show’s original run from November to December.

Emma Stone and Nathan Fielder will star as newlyweds in The Curse


The Curse follows Whitney and Asher Siegel, a newly married couple who buy houses and renovate them for the people of Española, New Mexico. Besides their remodeler business, the couple also planned to collaborate with HGTV for their own TV show called Flipanthropy, where they will renovate the houses and turn them into eco-friendly homes.

Dougie Schecter, a producer from HGTV, will be helping them run the show. The series centers on Asher and Whitney’s newlywed life, where they are going through many changes and challenges while trying to conceive a baby. Their life takes a drastic turn after an unprecedented curse disrupts their relationship.

Safdie and Fielder co-created, penned the plot together alongside Carrie Kemper, and also executive produced the series with Josh Safdie, Emma Stone, Ali Herting, Dave McCary, Ravi Nandan, and Alli Reich. The producers of the show include Inman Young, Joshua Bachove, and Mary Beth Minthorn.

Nathan Fielder, being the multitalented genius, also directed The Curse with Nathan Zellner and David Zellner. Daniel Lopatin will be providing the music.

The Curse was officially announced by Showtime in February 2020, and it was stated that the series will start production soon. However, due to the pandemic, the plans were postponed, and later, the series was filmed from June to October 2022. The series managed to wrap filming before the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes came into effect in 2023.

The Academy Award and Golden Globe Award winner Emma Stone will be portraying the role of Whitney Siegel, the wife of Asher Sigel, played by Nathan Fielder, who is known for his Comedy Central parody reality show Nathan For You, which ran from 2013 to 2017. Co-creator Benny Safdie is also starring in the show as Dougie Schecter, who is described as the producer of HGTV’s Flipanthropy.

Corbin Bernsen will be playing the father role of Emma Stone’s Whitney, and his character is described as an unscrupulous landlord in the series. Constance Schulman will play Whitney’s mother, who possesses similar traits to her husband.

Dahabo Ahmed’s character won’t be getting much screen time, but she will be portraying the pivotal role of Nala, a young girl who curses Asher and Whitney. Barkhan Abdi and Gary Star, along with Schulman and Bernsen, will be the guest stars in the show.

Additional information about The Curse will be revealed in time. Stay tuned for more news and updates as 2023 progresses.

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