The Graduate Gamer’s Free Fire ID, stats, rank, guild, and more

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Following the success of Free Fire content creators and streamers, many more players have dabbled in this field, with The Graduate Gamer slowly becoming one of the recognized names in the Indian community. The YouTuber regularly posts videos around the ongoing and upcoming events of the battle royale title that his viewers enjoy.

The channel has also accumulated 1.08 million over the years. Here is a detailed look at The Graduate Gamer Free Fire ID, stats, and other details.

fortnite-promotional-bannerGamer’s Free Fire ID is 247162879, and his IGN is TGC Nik 1M. He leads a guild named Team TCG, whose ID is 62230212.

The content creator has worked hard to reach Heroic in BR-Ranked Season 34 while also managing to end up in Platinum 4 in CS-Ranked Season 20.

The Graduate Gamer’s Free Fire stats

The content creator’s stats are as follows:

BR Career stats

The Graduate Gamer's BR Career stats (Image via Garena)K/D ratio of 3.35.

Simultaneously, he has a win tally of 375 in the 2699 duo encounters, averaging a win rate of 13.89%. He has knocked out 6617 opponents, registering a K/D ratio of 2.85.

The Graduate Gamer has defeated 1810 opponents in 10525 squad encounters, culminating in a win rate of 17.19%. He has amassed 32392 eliminations, yielding him a K/D ratio of 3.72.

BR Ranked stats

The Graduate Gamer's BR Ranked stats (Image via Garena)Free Fire BR-Ranked 34, he has attained 29 Booyahs, adding to a win rate of 24.16%. The Graduate Gamer has acquired 667 eliminations, contributing to a K/D ratio of 7.33.

Note: The Graduate Gamer’s Free Fire stats were recorded when writing the article. The numbers will change as he continues to feature in more games in the battle royale title.

Estimated Monthly income

The Graduate Gamer's estimated monthly income (Image via Social Blade)


The YouTuber began posting videos on The Graduate Gamer channel a few years back and has 111 uploads. These videos have received 761k video views alongside 1.08 million views in total. This is the number after he removed or made several videos private in mid-February 2023.

There has not been much traction on the channel in a while. As per Social Blade, it has not gained any subscribers during the last 30 days. However, during this phase, the video views have risen by 124.739k.

Disclaimer: Free Fire is blocked in India, and due to government-imposed restrictions, players from the country are advised not to download or play the game. They may instead participate in the MAX version that is not among the blocked applications.

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