“The next adventure would be crazy” – New lightweight kickboxing king Alexis Nicolas says his journey is just getting started

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Alexis Nicolas captured arguably the greatest win of his career, but he believes his journey has just begun.

The French star did the unthinkable when he dethroned Regian Eersel for the ONE lightweight kickboxing world title at ONE Fight Night 21.

Nicolas’ victory certainly caused tremors in the kickboxing landscape, as Eersel hasn’t lost or drawn a fight in eight years.

In his post-fight press conference, Nicolas spoke of the magnitude of his improbable world title win.

Alexis Nicolas said that while the win practically defined his career, he’s adamant that his journey to the top of the kickboxing world is just in its early phase.

He said:

“You understand why I’m like that, you understand why I work so hard, why my dream is to be the best. Now the next adventure would be crazy.”

Eersel always had an air of invincibility around him, but Nicolas managed to shatter that aura during their Bangkok spectacle.

The legendary Lumpinee Boxing Stadium played host to the historic upset and Nicolas made sure those in attendance knew that a new sheriff was in town.

Nicolas pushed the pace early in the first round and kept the 6-foot-2 Eersel at bay with well-timed leg kicks.

‘Barboza’ found the breakthrough in the second round when he clocked the lunging Eersel with a swift overhand right for the stunning knockdown.

Eersel stepped on the gas pedal in the final three rounds, but Nicolas wisely fought off his advances and closed the card with a historic unanimous decision win.

Alexis Nicolas says he’s far from reaching his prime

There was no doubt that Alexis Nicolas’ world title win over Regian Eersel was historic.

What made it more special, though, was Nicolas’ experience in the sport of kickboxing, or lack thereof.

The French star spent much of his career in Savate and only transitioned to kickboxing a couple of years ago.

In his post-fight interview with Sportskeeda MMA, Nicolas said:

“I just started kickboxing two years ago, before I was in Savate. Nobody knew me, I’m not yet in my prime.”

Watch Nicolas’ entire interview below:


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