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“This is where I want to be”: Shane Beamer snubs Mississippi State coaching job rumors

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Shane Beamer is one of the names linked to the head coach opening at Mississippi State after the firing of Zach Arnett. The South Carolina coach has previously had a stint with the Bulldogs, working as a cornerback coach and a recruitment coordinator.

During Tuesday’s press conference, Beamer said he is uninterested in the Bulldogs’ job and wants to remain in Columbia. He made it known that the links had been coming due to his wife’s connection with Starkville and his excellent friendship with MSU athletic director Zac Selmon.

“I understand the connection,” Shane Beamer said. “Wife is from Starkville, [and a] Mississippi State grad. I spent three years there. Not to mention that Zac [Selmon] their athletic director is one of my best friends in the entire world.

“In fact, the night before I interviewed for this job, we spent Thanksgiving with him and his family, and he and I talk regularly, and [I] got a ton of respect for him, and he’s doing an awesome job in Starkville. But no, this is where I want to be.”

Shane Beamer is just getting started at South Carolina

Shane Beamer took over as coach of South Carolina in 2021 and has done pretty well with the Gamecocks. This is one big reason he is being linked to a return to Starkville, but Beamer said Tuesday that his good work at the program is just taking off.

“I love Columbia and want to be here for a long time,” Beamer said, “and I said when I got hired that this is my dream job, and I still feel that way, and in my mind, we’re just getting started here.”

In his first two seasons at South Carolina, Shane Beamer has led the Gamecocks to two consecutive winning seasons, winning one bowl game. South Carolina defeated North Carolina in the 2021 Duke’s Mayo Bowl but lost the Gators Bowl to Notre Dame in 2022.

The quest to replace Zach Arnett

Mississippi State continues the search for a potential replacement for Zach Arnett after he was shown the exit door on Monday. Greg Knox is currently handling the team on an interim basis and will lead the Bulldogs against Southern Miss and Ole Miss as they seek bowl eligibility.

While the direction the program will take in hiring a new coach is yet unknown, it is believed that MSU will transition back to an offensive-minded coach. The Bulldogs notably had no defensive issues under the leadership of Arnett.

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