Wait, Is My Roof Leaking? Expert Richie Colletti Busts Down The Most Common Causes

Have you noticed a drip, water stains on your ceilings, bubbling interior paint, or a musty smell in your home? If so, you may have a roof leak. Roof damage is typical in Florida due to its heavy rains and howling winds. But fear not. Professionals in Fort Pierce and Port Charlotte, like Leak Busters Roof Repair, “have got you covered,” says owner Richie Colletti.

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Nothing is worse than walking through rooms of your home when suddenly, a cold drip of water lands on your head. Or what about that growing stain on your ceiling, lifting interior paint, or musty smell on your wall?

At this moment, you realize that your roof has a leak – and you have no idea what has caused it. Many things can cause a roof leak, especially in tropical climates like Florida, which is why homeowners use materials to withstand the constant heat and humidity experienced in the sunshine state.

Or materials best suited for high winds and flying debris from hurtling hurricanes and severe thunderstorms. But even if you have this protecting you and your family right now, poor installation from your residential home or commercial building’s initial foundation can amount to severe damage.

Often at times if the previous installation used low-quality materials, finding the source of a leak with little experience can be achieved. However, repairing the leaks is a different story – one best left to a certified, licensed team who can fix the problem without any repercussions.

Regardless, a roof leak can cause many problems for homeowners, and getting your roof repaired before a small leak becomes a big issue is essential.

There is nothing short of pure excellence regarding residential and commercial roofing contractors Leak Busters Roof Repair. Led by owner Richard “Richie” Colletti, the licensed bonded team is renowned as Florida’s preferred manufacturer, helping you get your roof back in shape.

Besides looking out for holes in your roof, there are many other reasons why a drip, stain, or musty smell may be coming from above. To get to the bottom of what causes roofs to leak in the first place, Richie Colletti shares his professional expertise on just some of the common causes of leaking roofs.

  1. Missing Tiles And Shaky Shingles   

Robust materials such as tiles or shingles in Florida are installed to ensure the water flow continues to drive down towards the gutters below. But if they are not installed correctly or have had a battle with strong winds, the shingles or tiles of roofs could be vulnerable to flying or slipping off. 

If this happens, naturally, “the integrity of the roof structure is compromised, and the chance of a leak increases.”

  1. Clogged Up Gutters And Built Up Debris

When all the water, pollen, leaves, branches, and other debris that lands on your roof from an overhanging tree or pressed down after a passing storm, finds its way into your gutters, keeping it clear is crucial.  

By keeping the gutters unclogged and clean, the water flow keeps the build-up to a minimum and continues to divert excess debris away from your home. Any water pooling can cause a leak as it seeps through the roof and into the house. 

So, it is vital to keep your gutters clear of debris and do regular checks to ensure no leaks occur under your shingles.

  1. Checking Up On Your ‘Step Flashing’

Step flashing is installed along the most valuable parts of your home at the transition spots between the roof and the non-roof. If properly installed, it goes under the shingles on one side and under the wall siding or brick counterflashing of a chimney. 

Its purpose is to divert water away from the walls or chimneys. However, it is often overlooked, and its replacement is skipped during a roof installation – making it one of the most common causes of roof leaks found.  

You may wonder, ‘so, who do I call?’; Leak Buster Roof Repair, Florida’s trusted residential and commercial roofing system provider. From the common causes listed above, having professional roofing contractors who serve excellently is necessary.

As a business whose online presence is nothing less than a five-star rating, “what more can our qualified and award-winning team do?”

With years of experience in sales under his hood, plus a win-win attitude, a heart-felt reputation – and the ability to utilize today’s modern marketing world, it’s no wonder the Port Saint Lucie-based guru is taking his business to all-new heights. 

Serving you from their main base in Fort Pierce, which includes locations like Sebastian, Jupiter, St Lucie, River Park, White City, Vero Beach, Wabasso, and beyond, finding a reliable one-stop-shop roofing solution couldn’t be easier.

They also help clients in Port Charlotte and surrounding areas like Punta Gorda, Englewood, Venice, Rotonda West, Placida, Sarasota, Nokomis, and more.

“We have led the roofing industry in quality and customer service thanks to our pride in delivering the best possible product in the fastest possible time,” shares Colletti’s team.

They do everything, from simple repairs due to hail and wind damage or normal wear and tear to total roof replacements, detecting leaks, and dealing with insurance claims – “we’ve got you covered.” 

Please visit the Leak Busters Roof Repair website to learn more information, or grab their contact for your next roofing repair or replacement. As you are guaranteed to see Richie Colletti tapping on a town roof near you, connect on his LinkedIn for more.

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