WATCH: 5 Crazy backstage stories about former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon

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The former chairman and CEO of WWE, Vince McMahon, is a central figure in the history of professional wrestling. Known for his larger-than-life persona on-screen, Mr. McMahon’s off-screen persona has also garnered attention over the years, with numerous stories emerging about his antics and behavior behind the scenes.

One of the most criticized and downright bizarre proposals Mr. McMahon made in WWE was when he pitched an incest angle with his daughter, Stephanie McMahon. In 2005, Stephanie announced her real-life pregnancy. However, in a move that shocked many people, Vince McMahon suggested a storyline involving himself and Stephanie. The idea was for Mr. McMahon to be revealed as the father of Stephanie’s unborn child, a concept that crossed numerous boundaries of decency and taste. However, the absurdity did not stop there. When Stephanie rightfully rejected the idea, Mr. McMahon proposed an alternative, suggesting that Stephanie’s brother, Shane McMahon, be portrayed as the father instead.

These are the 5 Crazy backstage stories about former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon:


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Shocking stories about Vince McMahon

  • Almost fired Titus O’Neil
  • Storyline with Stephanie McMahon
  • Prank on Jonathan Coachman
  • Hatred for sneezing
  • Almost killed a writer

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