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“We will be a part of it” – Deion Sanders makes bold claims about Colorado’s playoff chances as CFP extends to 12 teams in 2024

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Deion Sanders’ first season coaching Colorado didn’t go as expected. Although the year started brilliantly with three wins, the Buffaloes were only able to win one of their last eight games, ending their time in the Pac-12 on a downturn.

However, despite the disappointing season, Sanders has predicted that Colorado will be part of the College Football Playoff in the 2024 season when the format gets expanded to 12 teams.

Speaking on the exclusion of Florida State, his alma mater, from the playoff on “Good Morning America,” Sanders said:

“That would have been tough for me as a coach. Coach (Mike) Norvell did a great job of handling it and speaking his voice, but you’ve got to understand the big market of football.

“I mean, you’re not going to have a college football playoff without Nick Saban, the godfather, and the Alabama team. Texas didn’t do a darn thing. That’s why I’m thankful that they’re extending the playoffs next year. And we will be a part of it.”

Hopes will transition to expectations next season for Colorado

Despite the kind of season Colorado had in 2023, the fans were behind the team all through. Deion Sanders believes they were able to instill hope in the team beyond the Buffaloes fanbase. However, that hope they lived on this season will turn into expectations next season.

“It was tough, but we really went out there and instilled hope not only in our fan base, not only in the school and the students, but the whole country. We instill true hope. We just could not be consistent with where we were and what we had in the kitchen. I’m excited because next year it’s not hope, it’s expectations.”

Deion Sanders to make use of the transfer portal again

Deion Sanders made use of the NCAA transfer portal like never before last offseason, bringing in over 80 players. Coach Prime is out to do the same this college football offseason.

“This season was exciting, exhilarating, and electrifying … And guess what today is?” Sanders said. “Today is the day that the portal opens. So, we get to go find some of the best kids in the country who are not happy, not ecstatic about where they are, and hopefully find them in a new home in Colorado.”

While the number of incoming players might not be as crazy as it was last offseason, a considerable number of players is expected to arrive in Boulder through the portal. There will be much concentration in the search for offensive linemen this time.

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