WWE to give back old gimmick to 38-year-old star after 5 years? – Reports

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As per a new report from Xero News, WWE Superstar Baron Corbin could don his Lone Wolf persona once again in the near future.

Corbin has been a WWE mainstay for 11 long years. Although he has managed to do well for himself as a strong upper mid-card act, he is yet to win the top title in the company. The former King of the Ring hasn’t done anything noteworthy lately.

However, Xero News‘ latest tweet suggests that he might go back to his Lone Wolf persona very soon. Check out the tweet below:

The WWE Superstar’s Lone Wolf gimmick ended in 2018

In mid-2018, Baron Corbin ended up shaving his head bald and was appointed the Constable of RAW in a storyline. Over the next five years, Corbin underwent a bunch of gimmick changes, with his ‘Bum A** Corbin’ persona becoming a massive hit among fans.

During a recent chat with Catch Club, Baron expressed his desire to bring back the elements of his infamous Lone Wolf character. Here’s what he said:

“I would love to get back to that grittiness of ‘The Lone Wolf,’ but mix a little bit of everything in it. The Lone Wolf was a little one-dimensional. It didn’t have all that dimensions that I think you need to be a John Cena or a Roman Reigns…So when I’ve gotten these different characters through the time, they’ve all been very different… I’ve given everybody every emotion now. Let’s combine them all, put them into one thing, and make some magic.”

Corbin is a former United States Champion and André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal winner. He also won the 2019 WWE King of the Ring Tournament and held the Money In The Bank briefcase at one point.

Only time will tell if he will become a main event star and win the top gold in the company.

What do you think of the possibility of the Lone Wolf Baron Corbin making his return?

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